One simple question that stopped it

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My husband refuses to use his turn signal when he’s driving!

I have to confess that for years, this really bothered me. I tried all kinds of tricks to get him to change his pattern. I nagged, I scolded and I whined.

Sometimes I would make a snide or critical comment such as:

Occasionally he would tease me saying, “I don’t want to wear it out.” Usually, he’d just say, “I forgot. …

One simple statement helps you avoid it every time

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That dreaded doctor’s scale! Most of us, especially women, hate getting on that thing.

During my years of running a weight-loss clinic, I heard tons of stories from people who were upset about facing the scale at the doctor’s office.

Here’s how a client named Margie described it.

“The scale at the doctor’s office is terrifying. I have to plan what I wear because I know my clothes will become part of my recorded weight. I pull out my thinnest summer shorts and wear clog shoes with no socks. I also make sure to empty my pockets and not wear…

Feeling scared? Anxious? Uneasy about the world?

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What a scary time we live in right now. Even if you are doing fine and staying healthy, fear and panic can almost overwhelm you at times.

Here’s a simple but magical phrase I’ve been using to help me manage fears, not only during this time, but for the past few years.

Life is good until it’s not. And right now it’s fine.

Let me explain how this works.

A couple of months ago, I celebrated my ten-year anniversary of having breast cancer surgery. …

Author and weight-loss coach who loves to write, sing, act silly, drink wine, have deep conversations

Author, Linda Spangle on vacation in Bahamas
Author, Linda Spangle on vacation in Bahamas
Author being a “Diva” on Bahamas vacation. Photo by author’s husband.

After being a life coach for more than 25 years and writing five books about emotional eating and motivation, you’d think I would never have trouble managing my own weight. Wrong!

I still slip back into emotional eating patterns to cope with life sometimes. And recently, Covid 19 made me go back to my “WIC” diet which contains a lot of Wine, Ice cream and Cookies.

Fortunately, I’m now on a healthier road, getting rid of my Covid-10 pounds and planning ways to avoid gaining it back.

Over the years, my life challenges have always informed my writing. When you…

How I healed my spirit when I couldn’t cope anymore

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Six dinner guests were due to arrive at my home within an hour. I was so exhausted that even though I wasn’t ready for them, I sat down on my couch to rest.

But then I couldn’t seem to get back up. I felt worn out, grumpy and a bit sick. Fatigue had pushed me over the edge of my fragile coping skills and left me drained.

I knew I wasn’t physically sick. I had simply gotten an emotional cold!

This particular cold happened during the time when I was recovering from breast cancer surgery.

And while doctors tell us…

How to stop being angry at your kids

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During the years I owned my weight-loss clinic, I heard many stories about life struggles. I remember one from a delightful lady who was able to change her view of a special holiday here in the US.

Carol dreaded Mother’s Day. Last year, as the holiday was approaching, she told me that she anticipated the same story as always. Her three grown kids would be extremely busy and wrapped up in their own lives.

If she was lucky, she might get a couple of cards, although they’d probably arrive a day late. What Carol really yearned for each year was…

Play this simple game to get back on track

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Today, I really don’t care!

I don’t care about healthy eating or doing my exercise. I certainly don’t care about doing nurturing activities or things that might protect me from drinking wine or overeating.

Instead, I want to eat whatever I like, take a nap instead of exercising and hunt for some great cookies.

It’s been a long, discouraging year, and I think I’m just tired and worn down. So it’s decided. Today, I don’t care about any of it. But wait… is that really how I feel? Hmmm, on second thought…

The flower game

You’re probably familiar with the old game “He…

Find the joy in being the real YOU

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Lately I haven’t been feeling like myself. I’m fine physically, but I seem to have lost touch mentally and emotionally with who I really am.

I’ve struggled with a series of questions:

Where did I go?
Why do I feel a little lost and unsettled, like I’m not sure who I am?
Most of all, how do I get back the joy and happiness I used to have?

I’ve heard similar stories from others in my circle. It seems a lot of us got worn down by Covid concerns, isolation, and not being able to be with others in person…

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A poem about the journey

Look for rainbows in your live and you’ll feel happier

Rainbow over field: Photo# 40968077, tomas1111/

A few years ago, I went through a very grouchy time. Like now, the news was full of disasters or gloomy stories about relationship break-ups and people being out of work.

In my own life, lots of things seemed to be going wrong. I was NOT feeling very thankful!

Then suddenly everything changed!

It was a couple days before Thanksgiving, and my sister and I were on the way to a hair appointment. I was driving her SUV for her when one of the tires blew out. …

Linda Spangle

Health educator who loves playing the piano, shopping online and helping people. Author of five books on weight loss and emotional eating.

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